Camping Schedules

4-F Sam - 2019 Camping Schedule


  • May 3-5 Wilder Park, Allison, IA 
  • May 31 - June 2  Dike, IA
  • June 18-23  Iowa State Rally, Amana, IA
  • July 11-14 Cedar Bend, Waverly, IA
  • Aug 2-4 New Hampton, IA
  • Sept 20-22 
  • Oct 4-6 Wilder Park, Allison, IA

Algonquin Chiefs - 2019 Camping Schedule



Backbone Country Sams - 2019 Camping Schedule



  • May 9—11   Delaware Co. Fairgrounds, Manchester, IA
  • June 13—15  Swiss Valley County Park, Peosta, IA
  • June 20—23  Iowa State Rally, Amana Park
  • July 11—13  Oelwein City Park
  • Aug 8—10   Littleport Campground, Littleport, IA
  • Sept 12—14  Gilbertson Conservation Area, Elgin, IA
  • Oct 10—12  Delaware County Fairgrounds, Manchester, IA

Big River Sams - 2019 Camping Schedule


Cedar Sams - 2019 Camping Schedule



  • May 17-19  Lakeshore, Oelwein, IA 
  • June 21-23 Iowa State Rally, Amana, IA 
  • July 19-21 Hidden Valley, Vinton, IA 
  • Aug 16-18  Shady Creek, Muscatine, IA 
  • Sept 21-22,  Deer Run, Elkader, IA 
  • Oct  4-6 Lazy Acres, Center Point, IA

Country Travelers - 2019 Camping Schedule



Camping Schedules

Golden Spikers - 2019 Camping Schedule



Happy Trails - 2019 Camping Schedule


  • April 19-21  Museum Clean Up Day
  • May 17-19 Winterset City Park
  • June 14-16 Wallashuck, Red Rock
  • June 20-23 Iowa State Rally, Amana, IA
  • July 19-21  Sugar Bottom, Solon
  • Aug 16-18  Redrock Overlook, Iowa
  • Sept 20-22  Marion Co Park, Knoxville
  • Oct 18-21  Warren County Museum
  • Nov 16  Museum

Heart of Hawkeye - 2019 Camping Schedule



Helping Hand Sams - 2019 Camping Schedule



  • April 26-28 Rockwell City RV Park
  • May 09-11 Nelson Park, Dow City 
  • June 13-15 Kennedy Park, Fort Dodge 
  • June 20-23 Iowa State Rally, Amana, IA 
  • July  12-14 (tentative)  Marble Beach? 
  • Aug 2-4 Sweet Corn Days, Rockwell City
  • Aug /Sept 29-02, Western Iowa Roundup, Ft Dodge
  • Sept 15-17  Roundup will replace our monthly meeting 
  • Oct 4-6 Rockwell City RV Park
  • Nov. 12, 2019  To be decided (possibly Pizza Ranch and Ronfeldts)

Herky City Sams


  • Inactive

Inspiration Sams - No information provided


Camping Schedules

Key City Sams - 2019 Camping Schedule



  • April 26-28  Deer Run, Elkader, IA 
  • May 17-19 Morwood Campground, Hazelton, IA 
  • June 20-23  Iowa State Rally- Amana RV Park 
  • July 19-21  Thomson Causeway, Thomson, IL  
  • Aug 16-18  Grant River, Potosi, WI 
  • Sept 20-22  
  • Oct 18-20  Lazy Acres RV Park, Urbana, IA    

NE Iowa Vagabonds - 2019 Camping Schedule


Second Chance Sams - 2019 Camping Schedule


  •  June--RallyAmana Rally, Amana       
  • Potluck 5:00 pm Meeting following 

Siouxland Sams - 2019 Camping Schedule


Sippi Sams - 2019 Camping Schedule



Tri State Sams 2019


  • Inactive

Camping Schedules

Two River Sams - 2019 Camping Schedule



  • May 10-12 Lazy Acres, Urbana, IA 
  • June 7-9 Lazy Acres RV Park, Urbana, IA 
  • June 20-23  Iowa State Rally - Amana, IA 
  • July 12-14 Jellystone, Monticello, IA
  •  Aug 9-11 Independence RV Park, Independence, IA 
  • Sept 13-15  Morwood, Oelwein, IA 
  • Oct 11-13  Delaware County Fairgrounds, Manchester, 

Wapello Travelin Sams - 2019 Camping Schedule



  • May 14-17, Indian Lake, Farmington,  IA
  • June 11-14, Marion County Park, Knoxville, IA
  • June 20-23: Rally - Amana, IA
  • July 9-12  Belva Deer Park, Sigourney , IA
  • August 13-16: Pine Tree RV Park  Greentop, MO
  • September 10-13  Ottumwa City Park, Ottumwa, IA 
  • October 8-11  Marr Park  Ainsworth, IA

Washer City Sams - 2019 Camping Schedule


Good Sam Hillbillies


  • Inactive

Tri State Sams


  • Inactive


CEDAR SAMS:  Everyone was back and ready to start camping after a long and cold winter. We started our  year in April with a lunch get together.  With all the rain and heat, we still had many good campouts and lots of good food at our potlucks.  We played lots of games and had lots of great times.

  Had a good time at the Rally and our hotdog sales went very well again this year. With our hotdog sales, we were able to give $200 to The Ronald McDonald House in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

  Our last camp out for the year will be in October at Lazy Acres Campground in Urbana, Iowa.  Our winter lunch get togethers will start in November for the ones that don't go south. Have a safe winter. Looking forward to next year and all the fun we will have.

WAPELLO TRAVELIN SAMS:  Our first meeting of the year in April we welcomed our new President, Marty Williams and Vice President, Larry Kenny.  We know we are in good hands.   In May, as has been the case for several years, we were at Indian Lake in Farmington, Iowa.  The Hannan's were hosts and we had a hot dog roast one evening and our co-op featured homemade soups.  Some of us made our annual trip to the greenhouse by the river to buy vegetables and flower plants.     June found us at Marion County Park in Knoxville.  The William's hosted and we played yard games and also played mind games while sitting around the campfire with prizes to be  won.  We had a guest with us.  The Hubbards granddaughter Allyson, from Illinois was with them.   Some of us took the long and hilly walk around the park.  The William's provided the BBQ smoked meat for our co-op and ice cream after the business meeting.   We were at the  State Rally the end of June with 8 rigs from our chapter making the trip.  We decorated the stage for the second year in a row.  We also put on a biscuit and gravy breakfast on Thursday morning.  This was a fund raiser for our charities.  From the comments that we heard, we think we put out a good product and made some money toward our goal. We want to thank the 4 F's Sams for letting us use their roasters to keep everything hot.  We also turned in 4356 volunteer hours for the past year.     July we were at Belva Deer Park and the Davis's hosted, providing smoked turkey breast for the co-op and root beer floats after the meeting.  Some of the guys went to a gun shop they like to frequent.     We started August with a work day on August 3.  We took on the job of refurbishing some of the state games that are used at the Rally.  We spent the whole day together and accomplished much.  We sanded and painted 8 bean bag games, put new carpet on 4 washer toss games, installed carpet in the equipment trailer to cushion the games in transit, and washed and waxed the trailer itself.  We hope that those of you that play the games at the Rally will feel that an improvement has been made.     For our  campout in August, we were at Pine Tree RV Park in Green Top, Missouri.  The Kenney's and Jan Houser hosted this one and  provided ham and meatloaf.  We took a tour of A.T. Still University Museum of Osteopathic Medicine.  The most fascinating feature was the whole human nervous system displayed with each nerve labeled.  This is valued at one million dollars.  One afternoon the men went to some gun shops while the women went to quilt shops.  We had two nights of pretty colorful campfires and listened to the clip clop of the Amish horse and buggies on their way home.  Larry and Bernice put on a gourmet pancake breakfast Friday morning.  We had a guest camping with us this month.  Judy is from Lineville, Iowa and she decided to join our club.  Welcome to  you Judy.     As I write this, we haven't had our September campout yet.  Earl and I and Dale and Elaine Weaver will be hosts and are planning to play miniature golf one afternoon and have a hot dog roast one night.  Earl will be doing Dutch oven cooking for the co-op.  Dale and Elaine are providing Friday breakfast.     October will find us at Marr Park with the Bakers scheduled to host.   

   Well, as you can see from this summary, when we meet, we eat.  We enjoy each other's company and have a good time.  Hope your club has had an enjoyable season also!    Renae Hanes, Secretary/Treasurer Wapello Travelin' Sams.


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